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Despite the utmost care in estate planning, it is in unfortunate fact that some Scottsdale, Arizona, families will find themselves having to argue about an estate in court. The reality is that it is relatively easy for disgruntled family member, friend, charity or creditor to sue and make it harder for the other heirs to get the property to which they are entitled. Moreover, sometimes litigation is necessary, such as when an executor or trustee is not carrying their duties responsibly.

No one really wants to deal with litigation, but it is the path people must take if an estate or probate issue arises and there is no way to resolve the matter through formal or informal negotiation. At our law office, when we take on a new estate litigation matter, we do so well aware of the financial impact and drain on time it will entail, and we do everything we can to protect our client's investment in terms of both money and time.

Our office handles a variety of cases that are related to estates. We represent the interests of our clients in bringing or defending against will contests or questions over the interpretation or application of a will. However, lest people think trusts are immune from litigation, we have also helped many clients resolve their disputes over the validity or effect of family trusts that were designed to avoid probate.

We also handle what may well be considered the most critical type of estate litigation, that is, actions which seek the removal and correction of an executor, trustee or other responsible party who has intentionally or carelessly cost the estate money.

For each of our cases, we take the time to investigate all of the issues entailed in a legal dispute so that we have a thorough understanding of what happened and why. Once we have this understand, we help our clients come up with a creative and workable approach, up to and including zealous advocacy in court, that will work to meet our clients' best interests.

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