Appointing A Guardian Or Conservator

In need of guardianship or conservatorship assistance? At ANDERSEN PLLC, our attorneys will help you through this process to protect the best interests of those who cannot protect themselves.

Our lawyers provide assistance to individuals and institutions in Scottsdale and throughout Arizona with all matters related to guardianship and conservatorship. Our services include:

  • Guidance to potential guardians and conservators in Arizona
  • Assistance through the process of petitioning the court for an appointment
  • Assistance with fulfilling the duties of a guardian or conservator
  • Guidance when providing an annual report to the court after appointment
  • Assistance with the administration of a conservatorship

The Guardianship Process

In order to become a guardian, the court must appoint you to that position. This process is started by filing a petition for appointment. The court then appoints an attorney to represent the interests of the ward and dispatches an investigator to confirm the information provided in the petition and make recommendations to the court.

If the court is convinced by the petition, a medical report, and the information provided by the investigator that a guardian is necessary, the court may decide to appoint you as a guardian. This occurs after a hearing and after you provide notice to all interested persons of your guardianship.

The Administration Of Conservatorships

A conservatorship involves the appointment of a person to manage the financial interest of the ward in your care. The process to become a conservator is quite similar to that of becoming a guardian and is often accomplished in the same proceeding.

First, a petition for appointment is filed, and after an investigation and notification of relatives and other interested parties, the court will hold a hearing. Unique to the conservatorship is that the judge will likely require the posting of a bond equal to the value of the assets and yearly income of the ward. A state-required training is mandatory, and the conservator will need to provide a conservatorship inventory once appointed, as well as detailed specific annual accountings.

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