Finding Solutions For Your Business Needs

Your business needs are unique to you. The success of your business or operation depends on several factors, which is why it is crucial to understand your business needs and create a plan.

At ANDERSEN PLLC, our attorneys will advocate for you. We are here to help you every step of the way, whether you need help starting your business, operating your business or facing a legal dispute.

Our lawyers help individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses with a variety of business and commercial law issues in Scottsdale and throughout Arizona, including:

  • Business planning and operation agreements: business contracts, employment contracts, financial operations, tax implications and other matters
  • Business and commercial litigation: contract disputes, employment disputes, intellectual property matters and other issues
  • Accounting issues
  • Legal malpractice

The Right Solution For You

Litigation is expensive and time-consuming. We approach each situation with this in mind to ensure your objectives are attainable, and so all steps are taken to find the best resolution. We know how to identify problems such as a conflict of interest, and work to find a solution that protects your interests and ensures everyone is fulfilling their duties.

You do not always have to "win" the case to be successful. Our view of success is defined by our ability to find the right solution for you so you can move forward with your business.

Our goal is to help you find success through proper planning. We will help you understand potential risks, how to minimize those risks and what steps to take at every stage of your journey. We invite you to visit Our First Meeting page to learn more about what to expect when you meet with us.

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