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Filing for bankruptcy is not a personal failure. Consumer bankruptcy filings give people a second chance, free from their crushing debt payments. At Andersen PLLC, our attorneys will create a personalized debt relief solution so that you can move forward with your life.

Our Scottsdale office helps people across Maricopa County and Arizona with their debts and finances. We take pride in standing up for our clients and advocating for their interests. You can schedule your free consultation with one of our bankruptcy lawyers by calling 480-900-3539.

Understanding Consumer Bankruptcy Filings

Many people wait to file for bankruptcy because of unanswered questions and misconceptions, including:

  • Will I lose all my assets?: In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, certain property, such as a family home, can be exempt from sale. A Chapter 13 filing does not require a filer to sell their assets as long as they follow their designated payment plan.
  • Can a bankruptcy filing save my house?: Filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will cause an automatic stay to go into effect. This stay will delay further creditor collections, such as a foreclosure or eviction.
  • Will I have to repay all my debts?: The type of bankruptcy that a person files will determine if and how much of a debt is repaid. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing allows a person to discharge many types of debts so that they can get a fresh start. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing lets a person reorganize their debts and creates a five-year payment plan for a portion of their debts.

We will answer your questions and guide you through the bankruptcy filing process. Our skilled litigators have a long of history of positive results in creditor disputes and filings. Let our lawyers communicate with trustees on your behalf and set you on the road to success.

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Waiting to contact a bankruptcy attorney only helps your creditors. Our lawyers will go over your debt relief options and find the solution that best fits your needs. Call our firm now at 480-900-3539 to schedule your free consultation. We are also available for questions by email.