Helping You Plan For The Future

Estate planning and probate issues are complicated. Our attorneys are here to help answer all of your questions at ANDERSEN PLLC. We represent individuals and families in Scottsdale and throughout Arizona in all matters related to your estate or a loved one's estate.

Some questions we help people with every day include:

  • My mom passed away. What's next?
  • My dad passed away and mom needs help managing the estate. What can we do?
  • My parent's estate is being mismanaged. What can be done about it?
  • Someone convinced my parents to change their trust when they lacked capacity. What are our options?
  • I think the trustee should be changed. Can a probate attorney make that happen?

Questions like these deserve a real answer. We will diligently review your situation to learn more about you, your specific concerns and how to resolve your issue. Probate and estate matters require an in-depth knowledge of the probate process. We have the skills and knowledge to effectively advocate for you during this process.

Our Estate And Probate Services

Our lawyers will help you plan for the future. We provide assistance with:

We will ensure that your assets are taken care of to protect family wealth should something happen to you. Other considerations in this planning process involve who will take care of your family or business, selecting a competent decision-maker, minimizing taxes and asset protection.

See How We Can Help You

Our lawyers are here to provide compassion and understanding every step of the way. Let us handle the complex legal matters so you can focus on your family. Arrange a free consultation by calling 480-900-3539 or sending us an email.