Gift Planning: Protect Your Legacy

At ANDERSEN PLLC, we provide sound legal advice in estate matters in Scottsdale and throughout Arizona. Our lawyers help individuals and families plan for the future through gift planning. Is gift planning right for you?

In some circumstances, you may want to begin to distribute or dispose of your assets during your life by making gifts. There are many reasons for this. Maybe you want to see your children or grandchildren enjoy part of their inheritance or perhaps you are interested in certain tax benefits that can accompany lifetime gifts.

Estate Taxes Impact On Gift Planning

We will explain how estate taxes will impact your inheritance plans and what options are available to protect and preserve your assets for your family.

As of 2016, you may make tax free, nonreported gifts of up to $14,000 per year. Larger gifts, however, must be reported to the IRS and the potential consequences should be discussed with an experienced estate and gift planning attorney. There are a number of requirements and regulations to navigate in order to successfully secure the benefits of lifetime gifting.

Protecting You And Your Legacy

As your attorneys, we will advocate for your best interests. Gift planning can be complex, especially when tax laws are changing and your estate is complex. Our knowledge of estate and probate matters in Arizona will help us find a resolution that addresses your concerns and helps you achieve your goals.

What type of legacy do you want to have? Gift planning can help you preserve your legacy and protect your loved ones. Let us help you learn more about gift planning and what options are available for you.

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