Resolving Title Issues In Residential Real Estate

At ANDERSEN PLLC, we are here to address your residential title issues. Our attorneys understand how title issues and disputes can impact what happens to your property. Do not wait to contact our firm if you run into a title matter in Arizona.

Title issues can arise when residential real estate is involved. These issues can cause significant delays or ruin real estate deals. Common title issues include:

  • Undisclosed liens
  • Unknown easements
  • Public record errors
  • Boundary disputes
  • Quiet titles

Cost-Effective Representation

Our lawyers understand how complicated these issues can get. We will review the title and explore all options to obtain a clear title. Our goal is to provide cost-effective representation to save you time and money every step of the way.

Title problems cause serious concerns. We understand these complex issues and know what to do to find a solution that suits your best interests. We represent clients in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas who need assistance with getting a clear title. We will evaluate your potential issues to determine how it should be titled and address any outstanding issues before it becomes a bigger problem.

Explore Your Options. Schedule A Free Consultation.

We provide real solutions and work hard to help you find a resolution that works for you. We are able to help you with your concerns at various stages of your title dispute. Contact us online or call us at 480-900-3539 to schedule a free consultation to start discussing your title matter.