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Congress reviews mortgage changes

Congress is reviewing reforms to housing finance that could impact real estate financing in Arizona and across the country. Senators are involved in negotiations on legislation that could place Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into receivership and repeal their charters. Multiple mortgage guarantors would replace these financing agencies in the plan under negotiation.

New law hinders zoning protests

The Arizona legislature passed a real estate law last spring that will have one of the most impactful changes to land use in 10 years. The legislation adds numerous procedural requirements for neighbors formally making re-zoning objections to local governments. The law took effect in August and makes major changes to the rules concerning protest signatures. Proponents claim that is promotes business, growth and economic development and provides rules like county zoning laws.

Navigating title issues

A previous post on this blog discussed title insurance and whether a new homeowner would want to purchase it, assuming of course it is not required by the homeowner's bank. Ultimately, such a decision is up to the individual homeowner.

Disclosure obligations of Arizona sellers

Traditionally, the old phrase "caveat emptor," or "let the buyer beware," applied to sale and purchase of real estate. In other words, although a seller was not allowed to lie or intentionally try to trick someone, they had no legal obligation to talk about their property's defects and shortcomings. It was in the buyer, for example, to find out about the leaky pipe or the disputed boundary in the back yard.

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