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Dealing with business owner's incapacity

Like Arizona families, business must deal with the possibility that one of its members becomes incompetent to make important decisions. Business law allows for planning for the incapacity of an owner or principal and, when this occurs, the continuation of business operations and payment of employees and suppliers.

Business startup loan options

Anyone starting a new business in Arizona must confront many aspects of commercial law. Any business start-up, however, remains an idea unless there is adequate financing. The most common financing includes personal savings, money from family and friends, venture capital or private investor. Other business startups must rely on traditional methods, such as bank loans.

Small businesses have email rules

Federal and Arizona commercial law governs many small business activities. For instance, small businesses that want to send email marketing must comply with rules that provide protections for unwanted email solicitations. In addition to the CAN-SPAM Act, there must be regulatory compliance with the Federal Trade Commission's commercial marketing rules.

Arizona returns franchise case to Ohio

Arizona commercial or business law does not always govern businesses, such as out-of-state franchisees, who have contracts with businesses in this state. These entities may try to have their cases resolved in other jurisdictions, which may have laws more favorable to their case.

Arizona digital contract law protects business

Arizona's Electronic Transaction Act protects the legal validity and enforceability of signatures and records that are in electronic format and plays an important role in the state's commercial law. In March, this law was amended and enhanced to include digital signatures included in a blockchain.

What benefit does a Sub-S corporation offer?

One of the big questions an aspiring entrepreneur in Scottsdale, Arizona, has to ask is how he or she wants to legally structure his or her business. There are many alternatives out there, and choosing the right one involves a number of financial and legal questions.

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