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July 2018 Archives

3 things to know about a quitclaim deed

If you need to transfer a piece of property to another individual, there are a number of ways to go about it. One option you might choose is filing a quitclaim deed. This legal document transfers the interest of a property from the grantor—the original owner—to the grantee—the new recipient. A quitclaim deed is convenient because it allows transference of ownership without a sale taking place.

Conservatorship can provide superhero protection

Elder law in Arizona and other states, through guardianships and conservatorships, protects older or incapacitated individuals who may be susceptible to undue influence. Stan Lee, the legendary creator of Ant Man, Black Panther and other iconic Marvel heroes is the subject of three lawsuits that may have been prevented through a conservatorship.

Powers of attorney must be addressed cautiously

Through a power of attorney, a person prepares if they become incapacitated by selecting a trusted agent, who may make essential medical and financial decisions for them. This power, however, can be a license to steal through self-dealing and fraud. Precautions can help prevent this and diminish the chances of estate litigation.

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