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December 2017 Archives

The roles and responsibilities of a guardian

It is inevitable that we will get old. And as we age, we may develop conditions and ailments that make it difficult to care for ourselves. When incapacity and disabilities plague one's life, loved ones often step in to make decisions for him or her. But what mechanism ensures that this is done properly and to one's wishes? This is where guardianship comes into play.

Helping you draft and update an estate plan

Because it is the time of year that we are all gathered together with our loved ones, this might be a good opportunity to talk about your future plans. While no one likes to talk about death, taking the time to discuss your wishes at the time of your death could be very beneficial. Keeping your heirs and beneficiaries on the same page could help ease the process, ensuring that your wishes and desires are followed and met.

Different parties can challenge a will

A will is a legal document that is intended to be the final legal word on distributing a person's property and assets to their heirs. However, an invalid or improperly drafted will can constitute the grounds for estate litigation and for challenging a will. However, only specified individuals may mount a challenge regardless of the grounds asserted for contesting a will.

Same-sex couples have estate planning needs

The legal recognition of same-sex marriages in this country in 2015 presented special complexities for estate planning for same-sex couples. They face a hodge-podge of state laws and confusion on their legal marital status. Some same-sex couples are married but don't know it. It is important that they know their legal status.

New law hinders zoning protests

The Arizona legislature passed a real estate law last spring that will have one of the most impactful changes to land use in 10 years. The legislation adds numerous procedural requirements for neighbors formally making re-zoning objections to local governments. The law took effect in August and makes major changes to the rules concerning protest signatures. Proponents claim that is promotes business, growth and economic development and provides rules like county zoning laws.

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