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November 2017 Archives

Under conservatorship, 9-year-old buys $240,000 house

The law requires financial conservators to spend the money under their control to pay for the children's special needs, with a judge's approval. There can be horrible consequences when they fail this fiduciary duty. A case from Michigan involving a 9-year-old with a disability who apparently purchased a $240,000 home is instructive. It also reveals the dangers of inadequate conservatorships and guardianships in Arizona.

What is involved in obtaining a conservator surety bond?

If you seek appointment as a conservator for a minor or a disabled or elderly person, the court will require you to post a conservator surety bond, sometimes called a guardianship bond. The purpose is to ensure you will not mismanage your ward’s assets once you gain control of them.

The living trust—best of both worlds?

If you are beginning to think about estate planning, you probably have questions about everything from preparing a will to creating a trust. A family law attorney will be the first to tell you that your circumstances are unique; therefore, your estate plan will be unique, as well.  

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