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Arizona reps bring light to grandparent guardians

Estate planning is important for an individual at any stage of his or her life. As you get older, this need becomes even more pressing. A pivotal and practical moment to begin planning for the future comes when you have children. You want to make sure your children are taken care should something happen to you and your spouse. In this stage of your life, an essential element of an estate plan is establishing a legal guardian for your children.

Arizona representatives are shining a light on this important issue, hoping to bring forward a resolution that declares September National Kinship Caregivers month. The aim is to help raise awareness and foster more support and resources for grandparents who are raising their grandchildren. Choosing a relative such as a grandparent for your child's legal guardian is often a reliable choice: your child knows them well and you can be confident in his or her ability to raise your children as you would like.

However, it is not always that easy. Grandparents are most likely retired and their income is limited. Raising children is hard enough when you are young. Trying to keep up with them and give them the life they deserve as an older adult can be taxing and even problematic. This is not to say the struggle is worth it. But, it is important to consider things such as financial stability, the ability to help a child through thick and thin and the overall impact your selected guardian will have on your child.

Arizona is hoping to make guardianship more accessible and achievable for the 2.6 million children nationwide who are raised by their grandparents. As you begin to raise a family (or if you are in the midst of doing so), make sure your estate plan and a legal guardian are in place, and that it is the right choice for your children. It may be helpful to consult a lawyer as you formulate an estate plan that works for you.

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