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Navigating title issues

A previous post on this blog discussed title insurance and whether a new homeowner would want to purchase it, assuming of course it is not required by the homeowner's bank. Ultimately, such a decision is up to the individual homeowner.

What is clear, though, is that title insurance is not going to resolve all issues. Like any insurance policy, it has its limits, and, in many cases, the policy might even explicitly exclude certain title problems which the insurance company finds out about before the closing of the deal. This is because title insurance companies are there to protect people against unexpected title problems, not ones they could have and should have known about at the time of closing.

What this means on a practical level for Scottsdale, Arizona, residents is that are going to be some issues with title that a person is going to have to about resolving themselves. Since this may well involve having to go to court, many people hire an attorney to help them clear up their title issues so they can own and live in their home without the stress an uncertainty about title brings.

There are all kinds of issues that can affect a homeowner's title to their property, and these issues can quickly spiral out of control if they are not dealt with swiftly and decisively. Some of these issues include surprise easements or liens on the property, as well as simple mistakes on a deed or other public record or even a simple boundary issue.

Our office has experience with these sorts of issues and knows how to work quickly to reach an effective solution for our clients. While we cannot promises that everyone will get everything they want, we will help you understand what options are available and how best to proceed in the event you are facing a problem with the title to your land.

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