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August 2017 Archives

Navigating title issues

A previous post on this blog discussed title insurance and whether a new homeowner would want to purchase it, assuming of course it is not required by the homeowner's bank. Ultimately, such a decision is up to the individual homeowner.

What factors will a court use when choosing a guardian?

In Arizona, a person can petition a court to create a guardianship or conservatorship over the personal affairs or finances, respectively. However, this does not mean that the person asking for the court to do this will get to be the guardian or conservator, as whether a guardianship is necessary and who will be the court appointed guardian are two separate questions.

Trusts only keep one out of court if they aren't contested

A previous post on this blog made reference in passing to the fact that having a trust does not necessarily keep a family or a person's financial affairs out of court. This remark calls for a little clarification, especially since many people in Scottsdale and throughout the greater Phoenix area may think the main reason someone would want a trust is to "avoid probate," that is, to keep the important and private manner of passing one's wealth out of the courtroom.

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