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June 2017 Archives

The value of a power of attorney

For people unfamiliar with real estate law, one might think that they have the right to do what they like with the property that they own. But as we learn with many other aspects of life, sometimes there are restrictions on personal use and behavior in place to protect the greater good.

What you should know about LLCs

One of the single most important issues that a group of individuals planning on going into business together must address at the outset is selecting the proper business entity. In other words, they must decide whether to organize as a corporation, partnership or limited liability company, to name only a few.

Making business decisions alone can be difficult

If you are involved with a business, you know how important it is to navigate the often complicated and tricky business world. There are countless laws and regulations in place to help protect business owners from ill-intentioned people and businesses looking to profit or take advantage of others.

Is inheritance a guarantee? Not all the time.

Many young adults under the age of 35 expect to receive an inheritance. They also stated that they want to retire at the age of 59, which is six years earlier than the standard age of baby boomer’s retirement, according to the report. The earlier retirement and assumption that they will receive an inheritance may result in a big surprise for many millennials down the road.

Patent case in Supreme Court results in win for small businesses

A recent Supreme Court ruling could impact businesses involved in patent infringement and patent law cases throughout the country. The Supreme Court recently ruled that companies are able to purchase used, or already sold, patented items and resell them without violating patent law.

Understanding breach of contract

If you own and operate a business, it is likely that you enter contracts often. A contract is an oral or written agreement between two parties. For a contract to be valid, it must have the following essential elements:

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