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Estate planning: Tips for avoiding conflict

Movies and television have given people an inaccurate representation of what happens when a person dies regarding the will. Movies would have you believe that family members and loved ones learn about the deceased's wishes during a formal meeting with an attorney. In a vast majority of cases, no such meeting takes place, and the family members will know precisely what they will receive well in advance. 

If your family members do not learn what is in your will until after your death, then it would probably lead to conflict. Even when people know ahead of time, there can still be conflict when it comes to a loved one's will and trust. It is vital for you to review your estate plan with all the beneficiaries ahead of time so that everyone can be on the same page. 

The best ways to defend your business

Business owners should assume the responsibility of safeguarding their business. Taking thee measures helps assure that the business can meet the challenges posed by commercial law, attacks on its assets, and lawsuits, among other things.

The structure chosen during business formation can provide many types of protection for personal assets, but it can also provide other advantages. The business structure determines the amount and type of business and personal taxes, personal liability from lawsuits, and even treatment in courts. Sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, Sub-S corporation, and limited liability company are among the most common business structures.

Flipped homes can be costly, lead to legal action

Buyers are purchasing flipped homes, which are houses that were bought at bargain prices, renovated, and then sold to the buyer for a profit. House flipping is taking place at record levels in Phoenix with 10,000 flipped homes in 2018. This real estate activity has disclosed serious problems which has been costly to purchasers who had to pay to fix problems and could not live in their new homes.

Put simply, many buyers put lipstick on the pig to sell houses with defects. Homes have been sold with mold, asbestos, swimming pools filled with construction rubbish, remodels performed without construction permits, vents that are not piped to the exterior, electric wiring that does not meet code requirements, and attics without insulation.

Protecting a business asset

Forming and successfully operating a business involves commercial accomplishments and regulatory compliance. Additionally, businesses must rely on commercial law and other statutes to protect their assets from being lost.

A business asset is equipment, infrastructure, stocks, bonds, bank accounts, the cashable value of insurance, or anything else that is valuable to the business. As a business grows, its assets also increase and diversify. Each asset acquires a risk profile involving catastrophes, natural disasters, lawsuits, and malicious individuals, all of which can quickly wipe out business assets.

4 ways to avoid a legal dispute with your business partner

Starting any business can be challenging without some help. After all, if you choose to go it alone, you may need to come up with a product, financing, staffing and equipment on your own. While there are usually no easy ways to begin a business venture, you can likely simplify your startup by going into business with a partner or group of partners.

As with any group, problems may arise with your business associates. Even though you likely cannot proactively avoid all possible disputes, you can take these four steps to reduce the odds of winding up in a bitter legal argument with those in your partnership.

Obtaining a guardianship for your aging parent

With warm weather, recreational opportunities and senior-living facilities, Scottsdale is the perfect place for retirees. If your parent moved to Arizona later in life, you may never have called the Grand Canyon State home. Still, you may need to take advantage of Arizona laws to care for your elderly parent through the final stages of his or her life. 

Taking care of an aging parent can be tremendously difficult. If you have noticed your father or mother can no longer handle everyday tasks, you may worry about his or her overall wellbeing. With a lawful guardianship, you can make personal or financial decisions on behalf of your aging parent. If you want to obtain a guardianship for your parent, you should know a few things about Arizona guardianship law. 

Business formation can impacts taxes

Last year's federal tax law made business formation even more challenging. In addition to regular business law considerations, small employers must now consider the tax consequences of the business they elect to form even more than they did before.

Businesses must follow E-mail laws

The usual return on investment for businesses engaged in email marketing is approximately 4,300 percent, according to the Direct Marketing Association. But, like other commercial law restrictions, great rewards may be tempered by significant penalties for violating email laws and regulations.

Estate planning is important for nontraditional couples

Let's say you and your life partner have recently married, but neither of you has prepared a will, which is the centerpiece of an estate plan.

You have the same rights as traditional couples and the same need to plan for your future. Now that you have gotten married, this is a good time to put your estate planning documents in place.

What exactly is a guardianship?

People with Alzheimer's and other debilitating diseases often reach the point where they become mentally incapacitated, are unable to execute important legal documents, or refuse care or assistance. When an elderly person reaches this unsafe condition, guardianships may be approved in Arizona if certain conditions are met.

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